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Say Hi – Oohs and Aahs

The beginning of spring has inspired me to give my first impressions of an album and artist unknown to me as I ride along SF’s MUNI system to and from work.

Warm and cool air
Sky can’t make up it’s mind
Rain or fog or piercing blue
‘Elouise’ begins and e.e. gives his own weather specs
This song gives me a warm spin of vaguely knowing all the strangers on the train
High schoolers with pretty faces laughing on the lightrail
It’s one if those magical days
I’m in my own musical montage sequence in a Wes Anderson film
Speed and noise the train moves along mirroring the rhythms and melody of ‘Elouise’
I look about me, he could very well be on this train singing about any of these women

‘Hallie and Henry’
Shake shake my foot
Oh surprise little sweet sounds of piano
I remember the walks two springs ago listening to the Figurines with my 1 year old niece’s head nods along in approval
This song would have enough energy as well to keep her attention and enjoyment

‘Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh’ I can’t believe I missed him playing at Bottom of the Hill because I was on a trip to Portland. But I’m always conveniently just missing bands bands that are new to me that I’d like to see. I imagine that this song will probably be the first purchased for a commercial only they’ll completely remix it and really all we’ll recognize is the ‘ohohohohohohohoh’ but it’ll make everyone run back to the album and give it some more respect than the advertising company.

The winter song on a spring day what can I say
Nostalgia for a sadness and yearning that isn’t mine just like listening to someone else’s plights in songs but in the moment they are mine
Despite the sun and warm air
Another reminder of my bad timing
I want to curl up next to my cat, whom I imagine is probably already napping since I’ve left him on my journey to work

‘Dramatic irony’
Sun behind a brick building
The ballpark to my left
Entering the office I don’t want to turn off the oohs and ahhs
I tell my co-worker that I’m in another world of dramatic irony and oohs and ahhs
He laughs and asks if I’m listening to a book on tape
We talk work but then I come back
As though I never left and the bass tells me a story in a language I don’t speak but still understand what it means.

I feel like I’m creeping into his bedroom window cloaked by the invisibility of my headphones watching the pitiful site of a man pining for a life a love not his. I fight back for once the urge to dive into my deep ocean of sympathy and I’m left feeling like an intruder, wondering if he meant for anyone to feel this way. Doubt clouds my mind too much.

‘One two … one’
Rush out the door to the platform
The song ushers me along
MUNI reeks of booze
Going home
Midnight transit
Thanks to St. Patty’s day in San Francisco
But I’m happy the driver held the door for me
A man talking to himself, he says he’s crazy.
When slow down
We stop

The music follows suit as ‘Audrey’ comes on.

I sigh. I feel paranoid. I feel heavy and sad but nothing’s wrong. It’s like the moment after a train crash so much energy spent and then stillness.

‘The Stars Just Blink For Us’
I smile at yet another moment of bad timing on my part as the lightrail takes us underground
No stars
Except in my heart as he sings through the pain in my body making me feel better with his sweetness

‘Sallie’s Heart Is Stone’
Long trip home
The guitar enhances my paranoia
Ache to be somewhere safer
Beatles harmony
I am the walrus words mixed up
The longest ride home
Distracted from the voice fx closing the song
Rhythm of the white noise makes me not realize the song is actually over.
My energy far waned
Typical of a workers day
Typical of an album
But not the least bit unappreciated or unpleasant

I trust there may be many nights that this album may console me when I’m inconsolable