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Tigrics – Brokernet (Friskfrisk Remixes)

Back in January I reviewed Tigrics’ Brokenret EP. Three months on, Highpoint Lowlife have issued a three track set of remixes by Robert Bereznyei’s fellow Hungarian, the elusive Friskfrisk. Both “Boko” and “Snyki” appeared on the original set, but here they’re both given an extended treatment.

The lead track’s AFX acid is like a flashback to ‘92 with frisky beats and bubbling 303, before everything seizes up into a fizz of machine malfunction. The insectoid microclicks of “Snyki” are extended to more than twice their original length by Friskfrisk. The rubber bass and rapid analogue tones dip in and out threatening to break into a thumping techno monster which never quite materialises.

Eventually it just wears itself out and dissolves into static hiss. It would be twice as effective at half the length. New piece Külön is another acid belcher in the same vein as “Boko”, that toodles along pleasantly enough without really grabbing the attention. The new version of “Boko” is at least as good as the original, but neither of the other tracks really go anywhere. For completists only, I fear.



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