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The Boxer Rebellion – The Boxer Rebellion EP

‘Anger is an energy’

The reason why we’re covering a 2004 release now is that TBR are currently offering this EP as a free download. We think that is an opportunity not to be missed. Just click the link to their official website (below) and follow the easy instructions.

EP captures the Boxers formative studio moves. This was before their incendiary debut album Exits, is a touch rougher, yet still displaying many of the key aspects that would characterise TBR future work. Early Verve, Radiohead and Puressence are all decent reference points for the fledgling (and current) Boxer Rebellion. They threaten anthems but never take the soft option. They feel destined for Stadium but thankfully not there yet. They are one of the most epic, vital bands around.

‘Watermelon’ and ‘The New Heavy’ will both be familiar to owners of the debut album Exits. So snag this freebie for the other songs. ‘The New Heavy’ always reminded me of Catherine Wheel’s ‘Little Muscle’ but even that is topped by the pièce de résistance, ‘Code Red’. A non-album, single first time around, I can’t believe I nearly missed this. Contradictions abound within a blistering, energetic, ‘conflict zone’ of a song. The bass-line is Chilli Pepper funky and the melody threatens to shrug off all the effects, ambience and blistering guitar surges, trying just to become a ‘proper’ song. In the end the guitars win out in electrifying style.

The EP closes with ‘In The Empire’ and a hidden track. TBRs second album, Union gets its physical release soon and is already available to download. Union remains, for me, my album of the year so far. I’ll say no more than that but you can catch my full review via the link below.