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About us.

About us:

Hello and welcome to our magazine. Or to be more accurate, as of this moment onward, your magazine – [sic] Magazine.

This is the section where we say a little word about what we’re doing – what we represent here and why we called ourselves [sic] Magazine. Yet you found us. You clicked here. So I suspect that deep down in your heart you already knew what you hoped to find.

The idea was born out of a frustration with the music press, particularly in the UK and USA. Like you, I love music. Most of all, I think I am addicted to the discovery of new music. Yet, for the last decade or two, I felt that the mainstream press has been failing us somehow. It was almost intangible but the feeling was that the media focus always went in the wrong direction. For two years now, since my involvement in writing I have seen precisely how the industry behaves. Believe me, their interests are not our interests.

So why should we read their magazines any more?

We should expect more. We should demand more – more honesty, more quality and more feeling. [sic] Magazine is a place for ideas, simply. It is for this reason that we’ve chosen to populate our top team with academics, humorists, poets and artists. We’re interested in the true essence of music. We’re eschewing the journalistic style, so commonplace elsewhere, in favour of passion, verve and real meaning.


This is the heartbeat that drives us all at [sic]. We dare to mean the things we say. Remember this when you read something bizarre, provocative or downright crazy. We left it in for a reason, hence our name, [sic]. As you will come to see, the site has taken on a life of its own – already outgrowing the confines of music to embrace all aspects of art and culture. Essentially [sic] is a mirror for its readership – a collective for the disaffected. We’re a cultural movement and one that, with time, will become as participative as you wish us to be.

So thank you for hoping. Thank you for daring and thank you for demanding more.

Welcome to your new home.

Writing for [sic]

Are you passionate about music, about the discovery of new music, new bands and new directions? Feel the need to share your discoveries with others, to eulogise, pontificate, deconstruct or simply vent? Do you scan the new releases every Monday yearning to find something wonderful? Have you ever wanted to frogmarch your friends to a venue or record store, you’re that certain they’ll love something?

Sound anything like you? If it does, you could just be the type of person we’re looking to bring into the team here at [sic] Mag. Motivated and passionate….it’s already a good start. But there is no rigid profile that we’re looking for. Tick all the boxes? Good heavens no. We’re doing something slightly different at [sic]. We’re building something that we’re all very proud of and you could be a part of that.

Next step? As mentioned, there’s no set profile for writer staff here. If you are interested, the best thing is to write to me via the contact page here (see below) and we can take it from there.

Writing can be very rewarding. It’s up to you really. I hope to hear from you.

Brett Spaceman