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Her Name Is Calla / Maybeshewill : Split Release

Field Records
Reviewed by M Henaghan

Her Name Is Calla – 10/10
Maybeshewill – 6/10

At the time of writing Her Name Is Calla has embarked on a sabbatical, which is a shame given that they are easily one of Britain’s most progressive, exciting bands. It seems the carpet has been swept from under their feet, just when they were gaining some serious momentum. “Condor and River”, which features alongside two tracks from fellow Leicestershire outfit Maybeshewill on this 12” vinyl release, is a timely reminder of what HNIC are all about.

Initially released as a short-run CD-R through Loom (the sister label of Gizeh Recordings) back in 2007, “Condor and River” is a majestic 17-minute masterpiece, featuring epic, instrumental grandeur that journeys through poignant piano-led sonnets through to hysterical climaxes, Thom Corah’s impassioned vocals and a euphoric collision of brass, guitar and percussion. The sort of track that is designed to leave a lump in your throat. Come back soon Her Name Is Calla, come back very soon!

Maybeshewill have a hard job following such a monumental track, but they’re a very clever band. Mixing metallic riffage, with post-rock dynamism, electronic wizardry and acutely placed film snippets, both efforts here (“This Time Last Year” and “Last Time This Year”) perfectly encapsulate what this quartet are all about. Though, to these ears at least, Maybeshewill have always been a bit hit or miss. You’ll either like it or you won’t, there’s no middle ground when it comes to this forward thinking band.

Regardless, this release is worth capturing for Her Name Is Calla’s part alone.