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SafeAsHome – Hateful town/A second replayed murder 7”

‘My Bloody Valentastic’

Did the master tapes get stretched?
Did the CD player fall into a swimming pool?
Has someone been listening to the Glider EP by My Bloody Valentine?

Here are two prize tracks from Anglo-French act SafeAsHome. The MBV thing? Is it harsh? Nah. I’ll bet they get that a lot. Tremelo, feedback, guitars that seem to wobble in the air, – it’s all there. And so’s the quality. The world has waited what, seventeen plus years for something new from Kevin Shields. Why not get this instead? These could be two lost tracks from those halcyon days of Loveless and it’s satellite EP’s.

Pick of the pair, ‘A second replayed murder’ is a blistering wall of white noise. Futuristic laser shoegazer with a dash of surf melody and deft synth work.


The single comes with limited artwork.