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Gliss – Devotion Implosion

‘Silversun Motorcycle Club’

If you hadn’t noticed, borrowing from The Jesus And Mary Chain is pretty big business. Gliss wisely combine their influence with a dash of shoegaze, the Strokes’ angular aesthetics and The Smashing Pumpkins’ alt-rock. Devotion Implosion is awash with snappy snares and gloriously fuzzy feedback, pedal effects naturally reverberating throughout.

The combined androgyny of Martin Klingman and Victoria Cecilia’s vocal fights against effortless and echo-y guitar licks, bobbing along distantly as was Casablancas’s wont for most of the decade. The duelling guitar work on ‘29 Acts Of Love’ also recalls New York’s once-finest. Gliss take it down a gear for ‘Sleep’, engaging in drawn out pysch-rock still replete with reverb washes. Album closer ‘Sister Sister’ is straight from Siamese Dream in sound and allegoric name. Album opener ‘Morning Light’ is moreover a welcome Psychocandy retread.

Just as Silversun Pickups credibly tackled The Smashing Pumpkins catalogue on two occasions, so did ‘had-it-lost-it’ merchants Black Rebel Motorcycle Club affect The Jesus And Mary Chain’s. Gliss seem intent on splitting the difference, but crucially the difference between the imitators, not the pioneers. As such, lazy inclusions such as ‘Sad Eyes’ fail to jostle for intention, happy to pass in offhand “ooh ooh oohs”.

The sunglasses-indoor s approach to rock nevertheless shines through the aural fug like a lighthouse, the guttural chug and crunch of low-slung bass pervades with cooler-than-you insouciance. Devotion Implosion isn’t explosive enough to find a large fan-base, but those it does reach may well become devotees. Whether they stick around after hearing the originals however is more uncertain.