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Das Wanderlust – Someone To Pull Crackers With

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Ah, ‘tis the season for Indie bands to produce novelty Christmas singles and give them away. Thing is, they are often very good. Such is the case with this – more over-wrought than most DW with a doff of the cap to Tori ‘n’ Kate – yes, it has a “Xmas sound” but not to the point of kitsch. DW spare a thought for the terminally single at Christmas as Laura looks forward to a partnership that will allow her to share the cracker pulling experience (often disappointing in MY experience) and finally get a Yuletide bang (sorry). Despite the lyrical concerns musically this could be Christmas at Rawlinson End, the instrumental coda is a lovely clarinet drenched thing (though even with its nostalgic sound there seems to be a mobile ringing). I refuse to give it a score – it’s for cha-rid-eee for Hells sake. So go, enjoy, and help the (little) donkeys.