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First Glances – Hopeless Local Marching Band

What do Talvihorros , This Quiet Army and Konntinent have in common? Well they have all appeared on the Symbolic Interaction label, as do Hopeless Local Marching Band . I know almost nothing about this band. Or should I say knew almost nothing, for I now have their forthcoming album Repeating Myself in my possession. Their website has the jp suffix, leading me to deduce that they are Japanese. The songtitles are long, rambling affairs …leading me to deduce that they are Japanese (See ) and the music is weird….leading me to deduce….yeah, you guessed it. Japanese all the way!

What is it? Good question. On first spin, the album left yours truly a little nonplussed. Instrumental? Certainly. Post rock? Probably. Folk and prog leanings? Likely. Jazz hi hats? Plentifully.

There is a nifty remix disc containing versions by [sic] faves d-rradio , Maps And Diagrams and Funckarma no less. On first listen I’m tempted to stick by my first observation, namely: I know almost nothing about this band!!!

Respect for the ridiculous band name though.

~The album Repeating Myself is out Feb 16th, or “soon” according to the website. (Bless ‘em)~

NOAM (Japanese music collective)

Symbolic Interaction