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Golden Triangle – Double Jointer

The Brooklyn production line keeps on coming. And so too does fuzzed-up garage-rock. Golden Triangle are a six-piece centred around the duel vocals of Vashti Windish and Carly Rabalais , and together they produce tremendous rockabilly-indebted garage. They’re free and easy with hooks, full of energy and seriously threaten to usurp current queens of cool Vivian Girls and Dum Dum Girls .

Why the rest of the world bar California can only manage meagre response is anyone’s guess, but Double Jointer is another jewel in Brooklyn’s crown. The high-energy swamp-stomp of “Cinco De Mayo” gets things moving like Sons & Daughters covering The Cramps . And from then on in, Double Jointer is a joyous assault of fuzzy spirals (“Blood And Arrow”), rapid thumbs-in-belt-loops jigging (“I Want To Know”) and loose, reverbed bass (“Jellyroll”).

The harmonised vocals are often drowned in lo-fidelity sludge, individual peaks lost to tinny production but still super strong on rhythm. Early highlight, “Neon Noose” is a straight rockin’ riot pummelled into being by way-up-in-the-mix drums and it hits like Vivian Girls with a kick of fun up their collective backside.

“Death To Fame” takes things down a touch, full of echo-y vocals and slowed rhythms. Double Jointer is short on variety as this track proves – it’s the same as the infectious “Jellyroll” just slower, but it’s also necessary as there wouldn’t be time to catch your breath without it. This said, waves of guitar do announce “The Melting Wall” in a post-punk fashion only then to be mired in thunderous, near-gothic bass and “Jinx” is punkier, coming backed with doo-wop “aah, ah, ah, ahs”.

The term golden triangle is often used to describe lucrative areas of prosperity, and is also the symbol for Zelda’s Triforce. It’s apt then that this Golden Triangle is so musically rich, yet satisfactorily cult to boot. Keep ‘em coming Brooklyn.

Double Jointer is out now on Hardly Art .