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Twiggy Frostbite – Through Fire

Twiggy Frostbite – Through Fire

In 2009, The Deer Tracks were a little bit of a surprise package. Their epic post-rock was playful, underpinned by washes of babbling electronica and warmed by Elin Lindfors elfin chirrup. On the track “Yes, This Is My Broken Shield” she and David Lehnberg nailed their sound, and as beautiful as their album Aurora was, (the digipak version came with an impeccable origami-style inlay), it was also inconsistent, let down by lesser lappings of similar material.

Cue Twiggy Frostbite , who primarily comprise of the very same Elin Lindfors, as well as sometimes Deer Tracks members Anna-Karin Berglund and Emma Sjöberg . Lindfors remains in frosty fettle. Her lyrics lost in pleasing inscrutability, she flits from delicate, breathy whispers on “Narrow Pride” to cutesy, Blonde Redhead -like otherworldliness on “Along Your Way”. Berglund’s keys provide light, twinkly electronic percussion, but the effect is altogether more subtle than on Aurora.

Plodding percussion provides the bedrock for poppy pastel-shading, intricate high-end guitar and an ambivalent organ that arrives from mid-distance on “All I Need”. As defined by fellow Nordic post-rockers Sigur Rós , glacial roars of drone periodically assault like weather fronts. Face-melting, tense guitar peaks as found in “Still Here” are seemingly ripped away on strong winds on drone.

Lighter, ghostly pop moments such as “Thrown In Two” dot the landscape of Through Fire like dappled sunlight, anchoring the album against a storm of otherwise bleak weather-clichéd post-rock – just look at the artwork for confirmation.

Twiggy Frostbite’s gentle swells and sonic textures are delivered with post-rock depth and intensity, and their band-name seems the perfect compliment. With the angular, not-for-everybody beauty of a supermodel and the chill of ice-cool post-rock, Through Fire hits with the organic awe of an Icelandic volcano.

Through Fire is out now on Despotz Records .