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Damn Robot! – Hunang Skrímsli EP

I was introduced to the music of Tom Honey and his solo project, Good Weather For An Airstrike , a few months ago, and one of the things that struck me back then was how effective sound that is extremely subtle can be. For Damn Robot! , Tom teams up with his brother Rob (of Oceanus and Inachus ), and the two have crafted an album that is both serene and uplifting.

I’m not familiar with any of the other, associated projects, but the soft, warm tonal drones of Good Weather For An Airstrike are certainly present, if but as an undercurrent to primarily instrumental, ambient trip-hop, while shades of post-rock elicit more clearly defined emotion.

Opener ‘A Smile Spread Across My Face’ builds with a continual movement that is gentle and fluid, genuinely recalling in soft flourishes the kind of sentiments that would indeed cause a smile to appear on anyone’s face.

From there, the mood shifts are subtle, but noticeable none the less. Overall, the EP is undramatic but effective, with the rest of the tracks at times quietly elegiac, but ultimately hopeful and even affectionate. Moving through slow-swelling, calmly euphoric trip-hop the likes of which fans of French duo Elsiane will find much about to admire, to the kind of subdued but energetic atmosphere of acts such as Massive Attack and Halou , and even a little shimmering chillout laced with faintly glitched industrial effects reminiscent of Bows .

‘Antics’ and ‘Errors of The Pacifist’, the final two tracks (of seven), are both poignant and elegant blends of dream pop and electronica that end things on a note of gentle nostalgia that have a resolved, forward motion rather than feeling like they’re dwelling on any regrets.

Hunang Skrímsli is low-key for sure, and drifts along quite unassumingly, but very little will actually slip past unnoticed. Its fairly calm demeanour means it’ll work more than well enough if you’re simply playing it for some background ambience, but its greatest asset is that it works just as well, if not better, to effect a mood rather than complement one.

~The Hunang Skrímsli EP is out now on extremely limited edition via Hawk Moon Records , and, at the time of writing, is also available for free download at the band’s bandcamp page.~

Damn Robot! @ bandcamp