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Repeater launch ‘Kickstarter’ campaign.

“Here are the young men with weight on their shoulders”
Joy Division – Decades

Over years as music journalist I have seen more Joy Division comparisons than you could shake a raincoat at. To be honest I wince every time. Nobody has ever sounded like the real fab four. Those that try too hard never pull it off.

Enter Repeater . From Long Beach, California they’re a world apart but Repeater have that essential something that recalls the spirit of Manchesters finest. Steve Krolikowski’s acid bath vocals seem to belong to a different man and behind them lies something terrible. It is as though the man has seen horror, seen it and lived it. With lyrics which evoke T.S. Eliot , Verlaine and Rimbaud . I called Krolikowski a “modern symbolist for the post millennium” when I reviewed mini album, Iron Flowers . If Arcade Fire and The National represent the now for music, then for me Repeater are the future and I have invested more hope in them than any band I can care to remember. This is visceral, thrilling, vital music. Repeater are for real.

And it isn’t just me getting excited. Legendary producer Ross Robinson ( Korn , Slipknot , At The Drive In ) also heard something in Repeater that made his blood freeze. Months later, the band were encamped at Robinson’s home recording the album We Walk From Safety . Now they need our support. To give the album a deserved physical release the band have decided to use Kickstarter, a pledge-based service, not dissimilar to Pledge Music (which worked so well for I Like Trains last year)

They keep calling me

Wanna try before you buy? Sure, there’s a taster EP ( Patterns ) still available at Bandcamp on a ‘pay what you want’ basis. Three fantastic tracks to whet the appetite for the main feature, We Walk From Safety .

Follow the links provided. You can be a part of kick-starting this wonderful band’s career.



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