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Silver Columns – YES, AND DANCE

Where to start, the capitalised album title or the band’s constituent parts? Both vie for immediate attention, but the typographical screaming of the title takes it. As it turns out, YES, AND DANCE is a pretty well chosen, intentional calling card. It lacks pretence and makes a statement; as a result, the album is unapologetically optimistic and aimed straight at the DANCEfloor.

What is surprising however is to find it in the hands of the half-Turkish folktronica legend Adem ( Adem Ilhan ), and Scottish folk mainstay Johnny Lynch of The Pictish Trail . A departure YES, but one that has its apparent successes.

The accomplished, powered-up energy of the first single “Brow Beaten” is cleverly affecting with its drifting vocal, the breathless clacking of the second “Cavalier” enjoyably direct. And, as a whole, the album is subsequently a solid blend of bleeping euphoria, giddy beats and old computer game soundtracks. And, if electronica can be lo-fi, then YES, AND DANCE is. Every strand of beats is audible, each layer discernible. It’s all quite minimal, yet polished and full. As such, and with a similar level of simmering, it has notable Hot Chip overtones to its bedroom-made groove and Erasure -like 80s signatures (so much so that when Silver Columns first hit the scene the two were assumed one). The clever restraint of “Heart Murmurs” even hints at Radiohead ‘s experiments in electronica circa Amnesiac.

Yet, YES, AND DANCE suffers a little as largely it feels safe, maybe due to Ilhan and Lynch’s more traditional musical upbringing. Whilst a rough-edged “banger” may have seemed out of place on the otherwise squelchy album, and, if present, have altered the overall direction and dynamic, it nevertheless would have provided the injection of urgency and necessity that YES, AND DANCE seems to need.

Advised downloads: “Brow Beaten” and “Heart Murmurs”.

YES, AND DANCE is out now on Moshi Moshi .