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Dum Dum Girls – End Of Daze EP

Since Dum Dum Girls gatecrashed the scene in 2009 they’ve put out some real highs in the shape of breakout earworm “Jail La La” and the more refined “Wasted Away”. They’ve also tabled plenty of fair-to-middling girl-group garage-pop in between. It’s business as usual then come the tinny snare rolls and quivering guitar lines of the gently pleasing “I Got Nothing”. The same can be said of “Mine Tonight” – a jangling dirge that slow-dances its way out of the gloom with explosions of indistinct guitar and woozy melody ripped straight out Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes ‘ copy book, who it just so happens oversaw production of (presumably this) part of End Of Daze .

Filling out the middle order of this five-track EP is a chilly dream-pop cover of Strawberry Switchblade ‘s agreeably agoraphobic debut single, as well as the contemplative ballad “Lord Knows”, which seems to borrow a few nodding chords from The Velvet Underground ‘s “Sweet Jane”. Neither are particularly remarkable to these ears, but neither are they poor – something not entirely unsurprising if rumours of their originally being planned as B-sides prove to be true.

Mid-career EPs tend to either open or close chapters. Given this one is somewhat overshadowed by Kristen “Dee Dee” Gundred ‘s mother’s sad passing it’d perhaps be nice to see this one as a line in the sand rather than some new dawn. “ There’s nothing left / There is no light / Need you here to be my guide “, Gundred sings early on, but tellingly the closer, which provides the EP with its overarching homophonic pun, delivers a different message. At least musically it does if not in title, punching through the pity with a determined drumming performance and hints of distorted surf that hit like every cloud’s silver lining. Girls, it would seem it’s your move from here.

Advised downloads: “Season In Hell”.

~End Of Daze is released September 24th 2012 via Sub Pop .~

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