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Jackie – Greatest Love Songs

An admission first, one third of Sweden’s Jackie is Gustav Hedn and I released an EP by his AKA Rain Kings on my I Blame The Parents label. He recorded on cassette to get a “grainy” sound that hid some fine Kraut beats amid the dark forest of sound. For the false start, lysergic 40 seconds of ‘Apartment Doors Tonight’ he harks back to the rawest experiments with recording sound.

The rest of the album is classic C86 that regularly defies the expectations of the preceding track despite all being rooted in 80’s Indie styles. The first song ‘Magma Boy’ is lo-fi distortion of a possibly more American bent, buried under a sub aquatic mix though is a melody lit with harmony – a feeling of hearing a lost work from a previous era (60s OR 80s). It’s a feeling that pervades. On a first listen I was distracted and had it as background to housework just so I could make vague ‘good work’ nods to Gustav. I was a few tracks in when I zoned back in and for a second was looking for a sleeve to see what gem I’d absently pulled from my record racks. Early Lemonheads or Mercury Rev ? Something from the more discordant end of Creation? 14 Iced Bears ? Most of this is pitch-perfect Lo-Fi Indie. Occasionally is goes a bit far. The marvellously titled ‘Nutjob’ is deliberately slowed to an unnatural speed but does leave you with the feeling that a good song has been wasted rather, in the name of experimentalism for its’ own sake. But most is an Indie Pop gem. If you go to Indie Tracks festival you will LOVE this album. So get it. This band is almost Petrie dish formed for you – Jackie are a small wonder.


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