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One to watch – Calisota

We did the fleetingest (I know) of First Glances when Calisota (aka Olle Bilius from Jeniferever ) released their debut EP, Pine Grove .

Now there is a new single, ‘Varva’. And guess what, it’s superb. Judge for yourself in a moment but first here’s a quote from the bio:

“Varva is the first single in the Selves trilogy, to be released by Calisota in the fall and winter of 2012. The trilogy explores a transcendent state of mind where the alternative courses your life might have taken, and the path you did happen to choose, intertwine. It’s a meditation on lives never lived, but also a celebration of the journey underway.

Calisota started off as Olle Bilius’s side-project to Jeniferever. Searching for a counterweight to long tours, struggling in a band, and the rewarding but sometimes frustrating nature of collaborative creative processes, the project was a way for Bilius to create something entirely his own. If the first EP, Pine Grove, was a somewhat tentative experiment, Varva sets a more confident tone – rhythmically, melodically and conceptually. With the Selves trilogy, Bilius has found a distinct voice and is closing in on his vision ofwhat Calisota should sound like: catchy, evocative, and spiritually intriguing.”

Here’s ‘Varva’. Enjoy.

Calisota Bandcamp – Buy now – name your price