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First Glances – My Grey Horse

If Roddy Woomble fronted The Shins , backed by Grizzly Bear ….
Oops, I promised never to write that lazily. Oh well, here’s more from the band’s own bio:

With their layered four-part harmonies, swirling surf guitars and sweeping melodies, My Grey Horse are not easily slotted into conventional music categories. Many have casually drawn comparisons to The Shins , Grandaddy , and “the folk-pop scene of the ’60s”, but all agree that they’re hard to place. Hailing from Stratford-Upon-Avon, the five-piece formed in 2009 and immediately began converting themselves from a cappella and acoustic, into a live, working act.

Winter 2012 sees My Grey Horse release their much anticipated sophomore, Stop Before The Dry River EP , showing the difference just a year can make. Led off by the reckless abandon of ‘Need Wood’, Stop Before…’ is four mensa-approved, harmony-laiden tracks, enough to warm the coldest of souls these winter months.