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First Glances – Component#4

Component#4 is Mike Rowley . Born and raised in the post-industrial, post-Thatcher remnants of the Black Country, Rowley draws on the decaying factories, vandalised bus shelters and litter-strewn canals which formed the landscape of his childhood. A multi instrumentalist, Rowley was formerly the drummer for postpunk/ math-rock group The Arm and has contributed and collaborated with both epic45 and My Autumn Empire .

Currently, the music of Component#4 is inspired by two recent trips to Berlin, where the juxtaposition of crumbling ruins and pristine new developments inspired Rowley to create new soundscapes. Degraded post-dubstep rhythms and bass contrast with clean, melodic synths and drum pads, capturing the contradictory, restless nature of the built environment.

The EP, Barbed Wire Sunday is released by Wayside and Woodland recordings. Check out the review at Leonards Lair (link below)

This is ‘Goodbye To Berlin’

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