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Golden Grrrls – Golden Grrrls

The Golden Girls was an 80s sitcom of questionable quality, Glaswegian three-piece Golden Grrrls … yada yada. Reviews often follow a formula – open with a hook, then a cleverly worded info dump followed up by a discussion of individual tracks before closing with a summary and neat reference to something mentioned above. Golden Grrrls’ self-titled debut is different though, for each of their eleven tracks follow a simple formula themselves, which renders much dissection of their sound redundant.

Either way, Sacred Paws band-mates Eilidh Rodgers and Rachel Aggs have been threatening this debut long-player as Golden Grrrls for some time, and have now finally brought it to fruition with the help of guitarist Ruari MacLean – a man not just along for the ride, contributing to faultless three-part harmonies when he’s not firing out immeasurably pretty dream-pop interjections, such as those on “Take Your Time”.

Not that you’ll really notice, but only the highly melodious “Past Tense” breaks the three minute barrier, the remainder of the album disappearing into a soft-focus haze of breezy loveliness in which stock photos of seaside skate parts and fresh-faced innocence are brought to mind. Whilst mastering their craft as laidback, summertime vibe experts, the trio have bought themselves the right to be quite economical with their choice of track titles; the fuzzy jangle of “New Pop” is just that for example, and the mildly sombre “Time Goes Slow” is duly given an appropriately sun-bleached pace.

Continuing the strong tradition of impeccable Scottish indie, Golden Grrls have landed here an early contender for this season’s indie BBQ soundtrack of the year and it’s got me all misty-minded, daydreaming about sunshine girls. Roll on the summer.

Advised downloads: Any of them really, but perhaps, if pushed, “Take Your Time” and “World Peace”.

~You’re Nothing is released February 25th 2013 on Night School .~

Golden Grrrls @ bandcamp