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First Glances – We The Dead

Given the award-winning success of Alt-J , it was only inevitable there’d be a wave of post-∆ prettiness and it would seem it starts with Manchester four-piece We The Dead . Inverting expectation from the off – a magnetic frontman backed by a band of three young women – We The Dead specialise in intricate micro-melodies and dark, Neon Bible -like vocal harmonies.

It’s little surprise then to learn of their recent Radio 6 and XFM exposure, for there’s a fervour here not heard round these parts since the rise (and demise?) of WU LYF – not to mention an almost inevitable air of future Mercury nomination. With a well-received EP in 2012 already under their belts, theirs is a world of acoustic and drums-led intelligence, “Kahuna” stomping the fuzz pedals off and on intermittently and “South/Untold” an unassuming guitar anthem.

Older material on their soundcloud page is typically more aligned with traditional indie-rock and thus marginally less deep, but the swoonsome “Portugal” and brooding reverb of “Conjured Curses (Billy)” still manage to balance crashing gloom and delicate arrangement all the same.

Couple all this with the band’s keen eye for brand, image and identity (check the insignia) and the only way would seem to be up. We The Dead: the zombie uprising starts here.