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First Glances – Pete Fij & Terry Bickers

The frontman from Adorable and the guitarist (and Godlike genius etc etc) from The House Of Love , in the sea, in the freezing winter, dressed in black, crooning about love withdrawal.

What’s not to like?

Yes, you read it right , former Creation Records label mates Piotr (Pete) Fij and Terry Bickers have emerged from “musical hibernation” with a new manifesto –

‘quiet is the new loud’

‘down is the new up’

And to these ears, debut single ‘Betty Ford’ is the new ‘Creep’. The comedown ‘Creep’ in anycase. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

“It was a ridiculously cold day” says Pete “20 minutes after we finished filming it began snowing, and my body went into shock shortly afterwards. The playback packed up after the first take, so what you see is an unrehearsed first time take, but I’m not sure my body would have allowed any more – I began showing all the classic signs of hyperthermia afterwards and became quite light-headed and disorientated for some hours after.”

The album, slated for late august release will be titled Broken Heart Surgery . 2013 just gets better and better.

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