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First Glances – Veí

Here’s something you’ll like. Emergent DIY label/print-house Baptists & Bootleggers are artists first, businessmen never and they’ve come up with a highly generous concept for you the listener. It’s to make everything they release absolutely free … and not free in an it’s-on-the-Internet kind of way. No, we’re talking about their lovingly made, hand-crafted physical releases/publications. It’s all about the free distribution of true art, ideas and the establishing of a cultural network for the benefit of all, see. Neat, huh?

As such, into my welcoming hand at a recent record-label showcase at Salford’s Islington Mill was, amongst other goodies, thrust a white, 12″ compilation along with accompanying screen prints, a short story and a bonus CD EP by Veí , which in turn contained numbered liner notes on a fabric insert. In the spirit of sharing the wealth a few kind words on sites like this might be expected, but no such back-scratching is required for the superior four-track EP speaks for itself, tiptoeing its way first through lovely folktronic pastures and then onto deep multi-layered glitch, before taking in some seriously chill, cut-and-paste laptronic funk and typewriter-driven meditation.

Win-win. Now, onto that compilation!

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