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Tear Down The Lies – Another View EP

We took it almost personally at [sic], bitterly disappointed, punched in the guts, Stroszek had split. “A band to believe in” , we said around the release of their Manufacturing Consent EP. Then they were gone.

[sic] Magazine backed the wrong horse? My arse we did. [sic] will always champion the best music, always and only the best, whether it is coming from the band in the next village or from Arcade Fire . And Stroszek had it, had something special. It’s a crying shame.

Tear Down The Lies mainstay, Les Willox played guitar in Stroszek and laid down the synth programming. He does the same in his new guise. I love the retro feel of opening piece ‘Stylophone and guitar’. Willox, like myself, clearly enjoys that early 80’s sound. It was a time when many bands eschewed a ‘proper’ drummer in favour of a drum machine or backing tape. Cocteau Twins spring immediately to mind or even the thoroughly more obscure, yet equally wonderful Pink Industry (anyone?). Well done Mr Willox. ‘Semi-transparent’ continues in the same vein.

‘Disco noise’, as its name suggests, nods further towards the dance floor yet still in an odd, beguiling, indie fashion. I’m thinking Anne Clarke , Trisomie 21 , Propaganda etc, and probably doing you all a disservice by plumbing the depths of my ultra-obscure record collection. Sorry, but I’m not sorry. Those bands were weird yet seminal. Tear Down The Lies still have work to do if they/he is to join those ranks. Let’s not forget that this is their first output and a taster at that. As a Stroszek fan, the overriding initial reaction is to bemoan the loss of Richey. It would be all too easy to view Tear Down The Lies as half-formed or half-baked version of the former band. It’s understandable. It’s human but it’s a waste of energy. Stroszek have gone. At least we have Tear Down The Lies. I wish them well.

~EP available as free download via the link below~

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