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Drum Eyes – Gira Gira

DJ Scotch Egg is the most recognisable member of Drum Eyes and certainly they keep his maverick spirit to the forefront.

A twinkling synth and a drum roll introduce 50/50, a Prog Noise molasses thick shuffle that opens the show in dynamic fashion. It builds towards freeform drumming and burbling keys that reach hyper speed bleed out, to be followed by the dirge pursuit of the Future Police – and 80s cyborg film sci-fi march that is more scene setting for the torture dungeon occupied by the lazer toting Future Yakuka. This one is a slab-like pounding riff beast (actually Slab-like, remember them kids?) that surfs the shore of Metal.

Gyanza is a more Ambient Noise from the shores of and underground lake that might yet boil up, an insect buzz hovers over the fore-ground while clanking machines mine the distance. The epic Industrial stodge stomp of 13 Magicians is instantly impressive if one-paced (aside from Arabic lull somewhere around the middle). Finally Hana B provides an almost Easy Listening Dub coda to sooth us back to reality should we choose to stop the ride.

It’s all degrees of excellent if you like a little experimentation with your aural doses and only drops points for being bloody short.

Drum Eyes

DJ Scotch Egg