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The Indie Dad’s Albums Of 2013

10/ CloudComfort Songs
The Audio Anti-Hero label comes of age with a very well received collection.

9/ Haiku Salute – Tricolore
Part soundtrack to unmade film, part Indie charmer – all good.

8/ Exit CalmThe Future Isn’t What It Used To Be
A classic British rock album in the mould of What’s The Story and Urban Hymns . Wears its influences with pride but marches to the beat of its own drum.

7/ Connan MockasinCaramel
Is it a great album? Is it a funk album? Is it twoddle? I still don’t know. So until I do it has a place here.

6/ Omar SouleymanWenu Wenu
While technically a debut this Four Tet produced album is instant elation.

5/ Spook SchoolDress Up

4/ Joanna GruesomeWeird Sister
The band we loved at 2012 Indie Tracks get gorgeous coloured vinyl release on Fortuna Pop (obviously they were as impressed as us while there). Naive indie goodness and a ”less harsh than they are live” punk-pop polish from JGs.

3/ Kid CanaveralNow That You Are A Dancer
From whence came Big Country ‘s The Crossing comes this Scottish song-writing master-class. Bonnie.

2/ NairobiWax
Swingbeat and Dub sound tweaks from South America – a great dance album that brings the past to the present with style to spare.

1/ Fat White FamilyChampagne Holocaust
Like a 60s outsider album dumped in the Navajo desert, soaked in peyote and left to fester this was a genuine inspiration. Fagin’s gang (some of them Metros in previous life) grew up, got (even more) wasted and mashed up a fearsome batch of aural acid. Freak the fuck out.