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té – Beyond That, If Your Soul Agrees With Your Five Senses, Everything Turns Into The Greatest Music

On the second installment of n5MD’s partnership with Japanese imprint Zankyo Records (following the 2007 release of Hologram’s “+”), the accompanying press release urges you to leave your preconceptions at the door when encountering Tokyo-based quartet té. They have a point too. Post Hardcore, Post-Rock, Post-Emo; Just some of the bland, generic descriptions that have been levelled at this band by over-zealous critics. Rarely does such tagging do bands justice. In fact, current Post-Rock trends are so far removed from the limitless possibilities outlined by Simon Reynolds in ‘that’ quote that the whole movement is in danger of becoming a parody of itself, if it hasn’t already.

Yes, té are very much an instrumental outfit, but on their third record they have tried to work outwith the standard circles, immediately separating them from the majority of the pack. Amidst the Japanese efficiency and extreme instrumental prowess featured, this 12-track disc packs one hell of a punch.

A key feature of té’s sound is undoubtedly the intelligent drumwork. When it locks with the forceful, dubby bass licks the effect can be somewhat overwhelming, vaguely reminding of former Brit heroes Ligament. The rough, robust production gives this record a distinct edge too, there’s a real aura that this band just plug in and play and allow their almost telepathic connection to guide them. The dual guitars are also a joy to behold, at times. A number of possibilities are explored and executed in such a manner that one can not help but think of six-string terrorists such as Jonny Greenwood, J Mascis and Thurston Moore.

The 40 minutes glide past with ease, with tracks ranging from introspective guitar-only duels to full-throttle, vitriolic rock. té hold the attention with their intricate arrangements and expert playing style and are most certainly at their best when they zone in together before erupting with a riotous avalanche of bass, guitar and twisted time signatures. This record is for fans that require a more stimulating experience, than the simple ‘quiet/loud’ aesthetic so prevalent in the Post-Rock world.

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