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The Oscillation – Cable Street Sessions

What do you do to placate all those that haven’t yet caught one of modern kraut’s best live bands on the circuit? Why, you get the ever-reliable Cardinal Fuzz to issue an intense EP of live session cuts for that take-home experience. Cable Street Sessions comprises three tracks from last year’s stellar From Tomorrow LP as well as a fairly faithful cover of The Deviants’ out-there zoner “Somewhere To Go”. While the latter of these is a reinterpretation that lacks some of the original’s primitive howl, the track’s spidery bass still shines through Demian Castellanos’ severe tremolo shuddering and full-on heavy-psyche immersion.

Long-time associates Tom Relleen and Valentina Magaletti beef up the session’s rhythm section, running wild amidst the disorientating reverb and hypnotic riffing of “All You Want To Be”. Castellanos does his part too upping the volume and prominence of those gnarly mid-track solos. “Corridor (Part 1 and 2)” combines the separate parts from the From Tomorrow LP to create a choppy chug up and down a boating lake that later turns into the perfect storm, part 2’s album-version meditative vibe blitzed out in favour if intergalactic guitar drones.

Final track, “Descent”, jams the original eerie creak, thud and whoosh out to twice the length, going full-frontal on the fuzz and feedback for a claustrophobic trip that would and does slay live in sweaty strobe boxes the world over. Happily it does the same on record and Cable Street Sessions is a fine platter as a result. Perhaps it’s a bit unnecessary all things considered, but since when were record collectors pragmatic in their purchases?

~Cable Street Sessions will be released in a mirror board sleeve on June 23rd 2014 via Cardinal Fuzz.~