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Collapse Under The Empire – Free Single Offer

To celebrate the success of Collapse Under The Empire’s recent album Sacrifice & Isolation, the band releases a new double A-single titled ‘Sacrifice/Low’ on August 8, 2014!

It includes an exclusive new track via Bandcamp and Soundcloud. The double A-single can be downloaded for free! The track ‘Sacrifice’ appears in a shorter single version, it sounds with its haunting synth surfaces, electronic beats and apocalyptic guitars like a frozen monolith in the desert.

Collapse Under The Empire has firmly established themselves in the post-rock scene throughout the last five years and has even acquired an international name. They have developed their very own electronic post-rock sound with their last albums and series of EPs, and are even considered one of the most well-known bands in their genre. By publishing Sacrifice & Isolation this year, they wrap up the double concept work consisting of Shoulders & Giants (2011) and Sacrifice & Isolation (2014).