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First Glances – Visiting Diplomats

Actually they’ve been going a while but we think you’ll dig them. Visiting Diplomats come from the Bay area and channel good old fashioned shoegaze. Think Swervedriver, think early Catherine Wheel and other tent peg acts of the time. Yet Visiting Diplomats have something unique I think. It’s in the guitar sound and playing.

You’ll be the judge.

Here’s a Bandcamp player. Don’t miss second track, ‘Pressure’, which wobbles like the bastard son of Kevin Shields. Good stuff all round. Got to support bands like this. A shout out too for Facebook Group Shoegaze and dreampop, who’ve been championing this all week as well. It’s the power of networking people. You just have to tell one other person and if everybody did we could send this stuff around the planet.

The band have relocated to Portland, Oregon.

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