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The Myrrors – Solar Collector

Cardinal Fuzz releases are always deep zoners. They lock on early and engage hyperdrive from there on in. In this respect Solar Collector, or more specifically its midsection, is different. Another pilfered re-release from the Sky Lantern stable, Solar Collector nevertheless sees the Arizona-based desert-psych band revel in their on-stage reputation, offering simultaneous appeasement for those still awaiting a second Myrrors LP proper.

Weighing in at 40 instrumental minutes, the original 3-track Solar Collector cassette release has here been bolstered by session outtake “Escape Attempt”, an 11-minute outdoorsy jam in which a view of the stars comes free, a smothering guitar squelch eventually blowing in off the prairie with hints of Eastern dither swirling on the horizon. And, to its credit, the other mid-runner, the dirge-paced “Ascensión”, does come alive with Nik Rayne‘s rooftop-in-the-rain guitar, but everything’s tracked at the same volume during these two dusty time-capsules creating a sort of sepia soup.

Bookending this intangible pair, the title track is one long eyes-closed solo, its fret-frenzy wail changing up through the gears like stoners’ battle music, an intense current pulling at your bell bottoms, while all 15 minutes of “Whirling Mountain Blues” is delightfully psychedelic, marrying a fuzzed-out-to-the-max bass-line with some serious shred, Rayne meandering free as a mustang over the mix, explosions of colour rising from every manic hoof-fall. Did we say different? We just meant that Solar Collector inhabits its own zone entirely.

~ The limited, 350-pressing, screen-printed Solar Collector is released September 29th 2014 via Cardinal Fuzz.~