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Anthroprophh – U.F.O.

Former Heads guitarist Paul Allen has a point to prove with U.F.O. It takes its inspiration from a number of declassified run-ins with the unexplained and, aside from witness accounts taken during the four-decade long period, no recordings of these encounters were made … until now. You see, alien kosmische isn’t the preserve of the outer rings and Allen and his rhythm section bring it a lot closer to home here – each track title catalogued with a precise date and location. Previously issued on cassette via Zamzam, U.F.O. is a disorientating, uninterrupted transmission; a blend of menacing ambience and distorted noise. Often with no hint of melody or beat it’s some truly out-there audio.

Amidst high-flying engine drone, buzzing feedback and spooky, theremin-esque synths, disembodied vocals read from lists of random numbers and phonetic call signs. Detuned guitars shimmer in reverb while tickling cymbal washes and motorik drumming coalesce into post-rock kraut-scree. Jamming signals and malfunctioning comm channels scramble the cosmic chatter into urgent morse code and scorching white-noise. Quickfire snares rain down like hot bullets on tin roofs, drunken repeats lurching around between caustic climaxes. Get your copy now before the MOD hushes it up for another 30 years.

~U.F.O. is limited to a pressing of 500, comes with an OBI spine wrap, insert and download code and is released February 2nd 2015 on Cardinal Fuzz (distributed in the US by Captcha Records).~

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