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First Glances – Two Jackals

A lot of UK bands just don’t get the exposure they deserve as the current general consensus is that the US has both most of the innovation and the muscle. In fairness the odds do swing stateside when you remember how big it is, but decent outfits like Brighton’s Two Jackals are more than equipped to hold their own if only they can reach enough ears.

Even still there’s more of the tortoise about them than the hare. Released on hometown independent Seven Dial Records, new single “Prozac” comes a full year after their well-received first, the reality of being in a touring band striking them early on. Still only just exiting their teens though, Two Jackals’ future nevertheless promises much as “Prozac” is a timely reminder of their knack with gloomy, feedback-scorched alt-rock. Add to that some intricate math-punk fretwork, segues to melodic dissonance and a dose of Paul Banks-style vocal doom and there really ought to be no need for those antidepressants after all.

~”Prozac” is released April 26th 2015 via Seven Dial Records.~