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Girls Names – Zero Triptych

An idea a long time in the making, Zero Triptych is the product of almost three years’ worth of research and experimentation. Inspired by the work of the Group Zero art movement, the three-part symphony plays as a single 11-minute track and it’s the Belfast four-piece’s “zero moment”, drawing a definite line under the Crystal Stilts-like garage-surf of 2011’s Dead To Me and the melancholy New Wave of 2013’s The New Life.

“Resetting the dials” entirely with the introduction of new drummer Gib Cassidy after Neil Brogan’s departure in 2013, an incessant krautrock drive underpins surging synths and Cathal Cully‘s ever-muddy lyrics during the opening exchanges. The suite then levels out into a propulsive zoner somewhere between Hookworms and The Horrors, post-punk twang echoing out from the mix.

Zero Triptych’s lofty art concept is really just meta detail as it doesn’t run like three distinct elements segued into one, but neither does it roll like a meandering 11-minute jam. In fact it’s like a much longer one played in fast-forward, some kosmiche boy-racer’s soundtrack as he slingshots the stars.

~The Zero Triptych 12” will be released May 11th 2015 via Tough Love.~