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Bare Hunter – Cabin Fever EP

Former [sic] First Glances stars Bare Hunter are about to drop their debut EP, Cabin Fever, and it’s a real hot potato just dying to run free. The London-based trio take on classic two-piece garage-blues, which allows hootin’ and a-hollerin’ frontman Robbie Humphries to fully unleash his inner lothario as Roger James plays havoc with his Telecaster and Jack Lineham seems to beat his poor kit with his boots and face. Fresh from a Led Zeppelin bender the band made the conscious decision “to make loud music that shakes the soul” and quickly brought in Luke Oldfield (The Wytches) to record their four tracks straight onto sexy two-inch tape via a vintage Studer A-800.

Product of this session, brazen rocker “Esmerelda” threatens to come off the rails at any moment, its rickety riffs attacked at full pelt alongside the strangled power-fuzz that eminates from James’s pedals. Flitting between heavy sludge and stomping fervour, “One Of These Mornings” dials straight into the brain’s zoning frequencies courtesy of Humphries’ mesmeric harmonica work. Also harmonica-led, the curious “Tropical Blues” names the new genre it creates, skittering through sun-dappled waters before encountering violent broadsides of distortion from some pirate boarding-party. Finally, protest song “What Are We Fighting For?” starts mean and keen, running with a take-no-prisoners attitude on top of a nifty groove. Clearly unhappy to conform, the Cabin Fever EP is both celebration and two stiff fingers resolutely up. Join the party, but beware the Bare Hunter.

~The Cabin Fever EP will be released 8th June 2015 via The Cabin Records.~