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Cowboy Lovers – Cowboy Lovers

Remember when on his seminal “Losing My Edge” DFA head James Murphy sang “I hear that you and your band have sold your turntables and bought guitars”? Cowboy Lovers are that band. Formerly hometown rock DJs in Alicante, F. Pascual and H. Bardisa now ply their trade as a hard-hitting guitar-and-drums duo. And, under the strictly analogue tutelage of one-time White Stripes producer Liam Watson, their enthusiastic S/T debut contorts between doomy proto-metal and heavy psyche-rock riffs, which variously bring Ozzy and his Black Sabbath (“Dying” and “Slaves in Darkness”), QOTSA (“Acid Queen) and garage whirlwind Ty Segall to mind.

Worshipping relentlessly at the riff alter, Pascual and Bardisa’s LP is a quick-fire series of marauding sleaze and infectious juggernaut repeats during which slower-tempo fuzz-rockers such as “I’m So Easy” punctuate the running order, the album’s blustering blues edge also coming to a head during the appropriately titled “X Blues”. Axe in hand and preaching to the converted from an English-language pulpit throughout, Cowboy Lovers make a compelling case as to why no-one’s ever sold their soul to the devil over a turntable.

Best track: “Poor Lord”

~Cowboy Lovers is released 29th June 2015 via Liam Watson’s own LBW Records.~