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Valerian Swing – A Sailor Lost Around The Earth

Magic Bullet/Subsuburban

It takes all of 10 seconds on furious opener ‘Dr Pengle Is There’ for this Italian outfit to introduce themselves as a totally different proposition altogether. Concocting a huge, melting pot sound Valerian Swing skip through genre boundaries with reckless abandon. The ramped-up production courtesy of Matt Bayles (of Mastodon and Isis infamy) adds an Read More…

Our Brother the Native – Sacred Psalms

Prodigious group returns a member down, with a ‘frustrating record’ as Dez Innocent describes.

Maybeshewill – Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony

“…a band clearly in control of their craft”

Further Vexations – The Black Dog

“This is music that casts many a glance to the past, but still sounds like the future.” IDM stalwarts prove there is life in the ol’ dog yet.

Engine7 – Another Thunderous Silence

“This is twenty minutes of beatless music that conjours up blue skies, blazing sun, white sand and turquoise sea”

Christopher Tignor – Core Memory Unwound

A triumphant foray into the world of solo recording for the Slow Six leader, as described by Dez Innocent

Sleeping Me – Cradlesongs

“…sweeping, melancholic grandeur which never threatens to turn into bombast, but is almost enough to induce tears”

Noise From The Blackstuff (The Ultimate Underground Scene?)

From ‘Metal Machine Music’ to Merzbow Indie Dad Bring’s The Noise with an in-depth look at one of music’s most challenging and enigmatic genres.

Field Report: Stag & Dagger 2009

Our serial Gig-goer Indie Dad reports from Stag & Dagger

Zelienople : Hollywood

““Misty”, the band claim, was inspired by the big orchestral scores of MGM and Disney movies. I don’t know what they were on when they were at the cinema, but it sure wasn’t popcorn”

A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Délivrance

“Délivrance is more than just an exploration into Hungarian folk. It blends in other influences to leave something that sounds both ancient and modern.”

Field Report : Camden Crawl 2009

A pear cider-wielding Indie Dad reports from the Camden Crawl trenches

Loess – Burrows

“…Select a couple of bars at random on this album and you’ll find more original ideas than whoever the latest indie darlings are this week will manage in their (probably very short) career.”

EL Heath – Reflecting (Ambient and Loop Tracks, Autumn 2006) [Reprise]

“A must for space cadets everywhere”

Gravious – Futurist EP

Dez Innocent takes a look at the latest release from Highpoint Lowlife.

Benjamin Finger – The Woods of Broccoli

Dez Innocent is happy to turn green when listening to this entrancing record from the Beneva vs Clark Nova member.

Dextro – Winded

“…this has the same lustrous, cinematic flavour of European acts such as M83 and Port-Royal”

Mosca – Swimmer

“….Stars of the Lid it isn’t!”

The Handsome Family – Honey Moon

“…country music’s maudlin focus on life’s losers gives them a downbeat air that can be both wickedly funny but also slightly creepy”

Tigrics – Brokernet (Friskfrisk Remixes)

Highpoint Lowlife go all remix-crazy on us!