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Bushman’s Revenge – You Lost Me At Hello

“I’d recommend it to metalheads with an experimental bent, post-rock fans pining for a bit more power and pace and jazz fiends who aren’t frightened of things getting amped up a bit. Or to anyone else looking for some visceral thrills.”

Babe, Terror – Weekend

“It’s psychedelic in the purest sense of the word and sounds pretty much unlike anything I’ve ever heard before”

Konntinent – If I Could Buy A Map of Hope (Volume 2)

“… It’s a relaxed and lazy album in the mould of Labradford. There are occasional whispered vocals that make Mark Nelson’s seem positively declamatory”

Hola One – Hygh

“…This is techno with an experimental bent”

Jeniferever – Spring Tides

‘…may well excite genre fanatics but it’s a long slog for the uninitiated’

Stendeck – Sonnambula

“Zampieri takes the lush, euphoric synth sounds found in trance and progressive house and fuses them with grimy breakbeats”

Autumn:Downpour:Machinery – Fall Ch1: The fall of Darewell Mountain Hold

‘…you can almost see the soldiers marching through the mist, the cold grass crunching under the weight of thousands of marching feet’

Jasper Tx & Anduin – The Bending of Light

A transatlantic collaboration? [sic] Mag investigates.

Animal Hospital – Memory

‘..evokes loss and wide open spaces with its haunting effects and stark atmospherics’.

City Rain – This I Will Remember

“…nocturnal loneliness via the medium of electronica”

Volcano! – So Many Lemons

‘…this track ages superbly and repeated listens pays dividends, offering up subtle hook atop subtle hook.’

Windsor For The Derby – How We Lost

‘…this outfit inhabit their own peculiar world, untroubled by outside influences from the modern day’

Johnny Parry – More Love & Death

‘… Parry’s talent begins to make sense. Don’t be surprised to hear more from him in the future’

[sic] Scout #1

[sic] Mag goes all Kit Carson with this weeks guide to the latest musical happenings, featuring Jasper Tx, Mono and others

Instal 2009

“…my skeleton seemed to be jingling around in my body… Dez Innocent reports back from Glasgow annual experimental music festival

Worriedaboutsatan – Arrivals

‘…While quite an emotionally exhausting hour, this is a thoroughly engaging album’

Quinta – My Sister, Boudicca

‘…The music is as varied and original as the instruments used to make it’

Movie Review – Watchmen

“…a film that, for all of its extreme violence and apocalyptic destruction, is ultimately hollow and unaffecting. ” Jason Morehead is left unconvinced by Zack Synder’s latest blockbuster.

Mono – Live – Stereo, Glasgow, 22nd of March 09

Dez Innocent is blown away by ‘the Lionel Messi of Post-Rock’

What’s Going On?

[Sic] Mag wades through the mire of mediocrity and emerges with several gems with its round up of recent free downloads, news and video.