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The Editor’s Albums of 2021

Albums of the year and more.

[sic] Writer Lists – Paul Lockett’s Albums of 2021

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[sic] Writer Lists – Gavin Fearnley’s Albums Of 2021

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[sic] Writer Lists – The Indie Dads Albums of 2021

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First Glances – Too Much Future

“a group of disparate musicians from… West Yorkshire”

Dryft – From Stasis


Far from static IDM release,

Video Watch – Klammer – Broken Dreams In A Crashing Car

“crepuscular” post-punk return

Good Shepherd – Let’s See What The East Wind Brings

Rusted Rail Records

‘minimalist folk’ to ‘pull on the heartstrings’

AZ – Doe or Die II

Quiet Money

low key gem from the Brooklyn rapper

Black Swan Lane – Hide In View


congratulations, you just discovered your latest favourite band

The Institutes – Colosseums

42’s Records

Colossal debut from Britains best new band.

Stray Theories – This Light


understated and beautiful ambient release

First Glances – The Institutes

The Verve meets Shack with Coventry’s latest new band.

ILUITEQ – The Loss of Wilderness


global warming themed ambiance

Julian Ross – fadeaway

Sound In Silence

warm ambience from port-royal founder member

Amusement Parks On Fire – An Archaea

long awaited comeback album doesn’t disappoint

Bitcrush – Dead Corners (single)


Dazzling return for the gaze/post rock/electronica project.

Peter Jørgensen – ‘Brian Records Kickstarter EP’

Brian Records

Kickstarter campaign for post classical EP.

Winterlight – Gestural Abstractions


electronica take on the post-punk pop scene

First Glances – JARR

New project for yellow6′ Jon Attwood