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Tasting Notes 2023

Our tips for the year to come.

Dry Cleaning – Stumpwork


“less than it parts nevertheless still had the stodge to satisfy”

First Glances – Mercury Machine

“a calculating machine capable of emotion if not empathy”

Osees – A Foul Form

Castle Face

A Foul Form embraces DIY hardcore and scuzzy anarcho-punk in the same, loving way that King Gizzard did with thrash on Infest The Rats’ Nest

oldboy – bloody


“with an ear for a hook straight from the abattoir, it takes an oldboy to show the young’uns how it’s really done.”

2022: Half-Term Report

Our picks for best of the year so far + playlist

Loner Deluxe – Hinterlands

Rusted Rail

“A really interesting album that fans of lo-fi alternative music will likely really enjoy.”

Dion Lunadon – Beyond Everything

In The Red

“Splitting the difference between catchy noise-pop and effervescent garage-punk”

Slow Dawn – Into The Machine Haus

Cardinal Fuzz/Centripetal Force

“what Slow Dawn do differently is to play all your favourites all at the same time”

GHXST – Admire


“People pay for this sort of dark delight, but don’t tell your mother.”

Ambassador Hazy – The Traveler

Cardinal Fuzz/Hazy House

“a kaleidoscopic odyssey on a shoestring”

Magic Shoppe – Mono Lake

Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud

“Call it masochistic melancholy”

System Exclusive – S/T

Castle Face

“11 poppy synth-punk offerings coming on more like 2002 than 2022”

Parker Sprout – Milk In The Sun

Moon Glyph

“Sprout has a real knack for lazy-days slacking, dressing his summery creations in odd clothing for fun”

The Angered Wrecks – Bennies, Booze And R&R 1981

Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube

“The Angered Wrecks were as keen on hardcore, 60s garage and proto-metal as they were The Stooges”

The Janitors – Noisolation Sessions Vol. 2

Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud

“The Janitors are hard to shift from a decent groove when they burrow in deep”

[sic] Writer Lists – Neil Meehan’s Albums Of 2021

The latest of our writer lists.

Sub-Ed’s Albums & EPs Of The Year 2021

A top 100 list from the [sic] sub-ed.

Tasting Notes 2022

Our tips for the year to come.

First Glances – Solway

“A Siren call to the likes of Ólafur Arnalds, [this] is a mini masterpiece.”