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First Glances – Too Much Future

“a group of disparate musicians from… West Yorkshire”

Video Watch – Klammer – Broken Dreams In A Crashing Car

“crepuscular” post-punk return

First Glances – Solway

“A Siren call to the likes of Ólafur Arnalds, [this] is a mini masterpiece.”

First Glances – The Institutes

The Verve meets Shack with Coventry’s latest new band.

First Glances – Patrick T. Davies

“The heir apparent to the mayor of Chickentown”

First Glances – Autosuggestion

“the latest flagbearers of the neo post-punk movement”

2021: Half-Term Report

The best of the year so far + Spotify playlist.

First Glances – JARR

New project for yellow6′ Jon Attwood

The sound of the underground – Bark Psychosis’, Hex revisited.

post-rock precursor gets a peer review

First Glances – Bear Of Bombay

Spaced out Italian synth pop

T-shirt etiquette

the do’s and don’ts of band t-shirts

Neil Meehan’s Albums Of The Year 2020

One of our writer’s top 20 albums of the year.

Editor’s Albums Of 2020

A top ten and some random musings.

Sub-Ed’s Albums & EPs Of The Year 2020

“amongst the many lessons 2020 has given us is that it’s still worth celebrating great records.”

First Glances – Raskolnikov

“Darkly seductive” European post punk.

Tasting Notes 2021

Our musical tips for a hopefully calmer year ahead …

First Glances – Great Park Avenue

Indie pop from Sweden

30 Years Of The Divine Comedy

Career spanning CD box set incoming.

Rediscovering Brian Eno, Vocal.

Why Eno invented everything you know.

2020: Half-Term Report

The best of an unusual year to date.