[sic] Magazine


Celestial North – Otherworld


Pagan Poetry

A.R. Kane – A.R. Kive Box-Set

Lavish box set re-issue for the dreampop pioneers

Osees – Intercepted Message

In The Red

“Thee Oh Sees are back to slay pretence and pretenders alike”

Mercylane – Mayday EP

from the former God Machine man

Various Artists – These Clouds…

Sound in Silence

Label celebrates milestone with compilation release

Scenius – Life Is A Thing


Can the darkwave/synthpop duo do it again?

Deepriver – Volume One


Hemisphere-spanning ambiance.

The Declining Winter – Really Early, Really Late

Home Assembly Recordings

“The instrumentation is an absolute treat. Each note feels considered, even agonised over.”

The National – First Two Pages of Frankenstein


Ninth outing from the Dads of sad.

SENSES – Little Pictures Without Sound

42's Records

Arena-sized anthems from latest Coventry wonders.

IST IST – Protagonists

Kind Violence Records

Impressive 3rd outing from the Manc post-punks

Laurel Canyon – S/T


The grunge revival gets another reboot.

Last Days – Windscale


contemplative ‘soundtrack’ to the UKs worst Nuclear disaster

Emperor Zero – Nights Of The Hunter EP

Ramber Records/Sways

“Blossoming in adversity, beautiful melodies square off against the solemnity of the Old Testament, post-punk guitars soaring poetically from the noisy squalor”

Ballamona – Institutions EP

Ramber Records

“Manchester-based neo-industrial band take perverse pleasure in exploiting uneasy spaces”

Carlton Melton – Resemble Ensemble


“a statement quite unlike anything the Northern Californian woodsmen have done before”

Vague Lanes – Foundation and Divergence

Swiss Dark Nights/ n5Music

The bass men cometh

Hammock – Love in the Void

Hammock Music

a return to the glistening dreampop template

The C.I.A. – Surgery Channel

In The Red

An electro-punk “drive-it-like-you-stole-it, sparking-on-the-rims vehicle for reckless fun”

Skull Practitioners – Negative Stars

In The Red

The Dream Syndicate’s Jason Victor gets hot and heavy alongside this set of general practitioners.