[sic] Magazine


yellow6 – Silent Streets and Empty Skies

Sound In Silence

the soundtrack to a covid19 summer

Songs of Green Pheasant – When The Weather Clears

Rusted Rail

Sounding like it’s from “the late 1960s, it doesn’t actually sound at all out of place in 2020.”

Raskolnikov – Lazy People Will Destroy You

Manic Depression records.

Darkly inviting. Highly compelling.

Panoptique Electrical – Five Pianos

Sound In Silence

evoking a sense of space and quiet

The Churchhill Garden – Heart And Soul – the collection.

Fall in love with sound again.

Various Artists – Twenty Years Away, an n5MD compilation.


perfect Christmas gift opportunity

Scenius – Enough Fears


synthpop contender for album of the year

Near the Parenthesis – Intervals


Subtle IDM release that explores the spaces between.

Richard Rose – Radiation Breeze

In The Red

“Radiation Breeze is obviously, gloriously bad for your health, but you’re gonna do it anyway.”

The Janitors – Noisolation Sessions Vol. 1

Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud

Doomed psych-noise delivers “slo-mo neck-popper(s) gouging out an inevitable path forward like some glacial flow”.

Osees – Panther Rotate

Castle Face

Protean Threats’ “originals dismembered and reconfigured by beings with only a cursory understanding of the contemporary musical canon.”

White Rose Transmission – Happiness At Last


side project for members of The Convent, Xymox, The Sound, The Chameleons, The Church….

Carlton Melton – Where This Leads


“Where This Leads should really be subtitled Nobody Knows, the album as a whole a strong foot forward to the exciting unknown.”

The Search – Heart’s Racing

Aenaos Records.

The pet loves are back, again.

After Nature – After Nature

Lonely Heron Records

The Black Lamps side project

GHXST – Dark Days EP


“a jangling car crash of an EP you just can’t rip your eyes or ears away from.”


In The Red

“a concise rock album that still knows how to let the good times roll.”

Sophia – Holding On / Letting Go

Flower Shop Recordings. P.I.A.S.

Another Sophia album and its another good one.

bvdub – Wrath and Apathy


Ultimately rewarding new album from ambient IDM master

Future Islands – As Long As You Are


“a good band not quite able or willing to become a great one.”